Can You Add ClickMagic Tracking Code In WordPress? – You Need To Know This

When you are running an online organization, you have to have the ability to track each link and make certain things are made with a function. Can You Add ClickMagic Tracking Code In WordPress?

This is one of the biggest errors people make. You will wind up leaving substantial money on the table and it is not perfect over the long haul.

This happens when it concerns analyzing your site’s visitors, the details that is offered, and which kinds of visitors are coming onto your website.

If you put on’t do this, you are not going to get the appropriate details as quickly as you require it. This can become a genuine challenge to navigate around as time goes on.

This is how you are going to develop a more powerful campaign that will cause more cash being made as time goes on.

When it comes to getting a proper concept of what works and what does not, an excellent link tracking tool is a should. This includes tracking each element around a link to ensure the activity on your site is trending in the best instructions.

This is why ClickMagick is the genuine offer. Constructing an excellent campaign has never been easier than it is with ClickMagick.

This is a tool that will make it simpler to handle your URLs and guarantee it all works perfectly. This is how you are going to look like an expert setup that deserves trusting as a user.

This is a tool that likewise permits you to split-test each link to see what works and what does not.

It is these features that are great over the long haul and press you in the right instructions.


Is ClickMagick Right For You? Can You Add ClickMagic Tracking Code In WordPress?

ClickMagick is not just any random software. It is a web-based option that is developed on the principle of tracking links to the last detail. This is the type of performance that can take organizations to brand-new heights as time goes on.

ClickMagick can manage all types of URLs and will ensure you receive a huge selection of details in one go. This includes when you are managing PPC ads, social network links, and banners among others. When it comes to online marketing and guaranteeing you are in the ideal instructions for optimizing profits, this is important details.

This is a software alternative that will let you optimize each link on the website. It will enable you to create a sales funnel that is the genuine deal and is going to get users to want to communicate with what you are installing.


What Are The Main Features Of ClickMagick?

1. Link Cloaking

Most people are going to desire and visit to prevent clicking links that appear. It is common to have this mindset due to the kinds of links that are out there in the wild. This is where ClickMagick can be found in useful as it assists cloak the link. As a result, it is a lot much easier for the user to click and think the link is reliable.

Users are not going to need to stress about clicking something that will ruin their computer or lead them down a course full of infections. This is great as it creates a strong impression and it likewise ensures more people click on the links too.

It is important to note that some affiliate programs are particular about whether or not a link is masked. You will wish to check in with them before pursuing ClickMagick as an option. This is to ensure you put on’ t get tossed out of the affiliate program.

ClickMagick campaign builder


2. Link Sub-ID Tracking

When it concerns utilizing ClickMagick, it is likewise essential to consider using tracking IDs. These are good for those who wish to get a better read on where the traffic/clicks are originating from. This is still going to look the like any other link, however there will be a little bit of code that will track where the user is originating from.

Let’s assume you have someone that clicks among the links on the sidebar, you will know about it. This can likewise be separated by the kind of anchor text you’re using. You can track the different anchor text to get a better continued reading it. When people are going to a site, this is ideal for those who want to see how different types of links do.

Link tracking code

3. Observe Traffic Quality

It is something to produce traffic and another to get a great read on the type of traffic you’re attracting. ClickMagick will help showcase this info and guarantee you are not just getting bots to come onto the site.

ClickMagick will evaluate IP addresses for all website users and help showcase this info. It is a great way to start finding patterns in how your site is viewed and where individuals come from.

ClickMagick is all about focusing on this type of details. This is the type of information that is perfect over the long haul.

4. Conversion Tracking

When you are handling numerous users coming to the website, it is simple to get puzzled. You might not know where each user is originating from or how they are converting. This is important information when running this operation as an organization. As a result, you will want to use real-time metrics with the assistance of tracking pixels. Pixels are an excellent way to determine where the money is originating from and how well each link/product is doing.

This is an excellent way to start to put together an extensive analysis of how things transform.

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5. A/B Testing

You will wish to constantly consider split testing and making sure things are done with a function. If you don’t check out this, you are not going to see suitable results at all. This is why A/B testing is a should over the long haul.

you will wish to split test each link and see which variation works the best.

This can make it simpler to eliminate choices that put on’t work well and are just going to make things harder on you as time goes on. This is why a growing number of individuals lean towards seeing how many clicks come from each page or link. After all, you will wish to only advance links/products that transform well while preventing squandering cash on things that wear’t convert.

ClickMagick free trial offer

6. Lock Your Material

You can move towards a solution where specific parts of the site are locked. You will desire to see if this can be utilized as a way to make more by just pressing special information to particular groups.

This only tends to work when the content on the other side deserves it. This is how you are going to get individuals to take the extra step and feel it is worth the effort. Otherwise, they will merely look the other method which is not perfect at all.

7. Pixel Retargeting

Due to the fact that it permits you to utilize custom tracking pixels, ClickMagick is fantastic. This indicates the code that is utilized to help build pixels will then be used once again later. This is good for those who are trying to retarget users based upon the info that is coming through the preliminary pixel.

You are going to be surprised by the quantity of information that comes from decreasing this path. It is powerful and can be used for emails, online forums, and other platforms too. Take advantage of this with ClickMagick and see your conversion rate rise.


8. MagickPops

This might be a discount rate or offer for particular items that a user should be notified to. You can do this with the help of ClickMagick and not lean towards utilizing a third-party plugin.

This is powerful and one of the best ways to enhance each lead that is coming onto your website.

9. MagicBars

You must constantly put in the time to consider your choices when it concerns endorsing particular components. This can be made with ClickMagick MagicBars as it looks effective and clean.

10. Examining Hyperlinks

Keeping an eye on links is crucial and it is beneficial to have ClickMagick by your side. You can start to see specific links and how they are doing.

This is the only way to ensure good results and feel on top of things from day one.

ClickMagick will likewise help pause your ads if that is something you need to keep things on the best track. This likewise consists of stopping briefly traffic or rerouting it to other pages.

11. Countdowns and CTAs

Users tend to respond well to particular CTAs such as countdowns. The concept is to get them to wish to make the purchase while they are on the site instead of seeing them click away. This is where creating urgency will go a long way.

You can do this with the aid of ClickMagick as they will begin to see the timer and recognize it is time to capitalize today.


12. Information Import And Export

This is a great function for those who wish to put in as much info as possible when it pertains to a long list of links. You can publish them in batches. This benefits bigger projects.

You can also determine particular information that needs to be examined. This is a lot much easier to do than needing to manually go through each one on your own.



ClickMagick: The Cons and pros

ClickMagick Pros

  • Reliable Link Alerts
  • Does Track Traffic Quality
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Does Deal Retargeting For Pixels
  • Helps Track Websites
  • Helps Build Pixels To Pinpoint Components Of A Sales Funnel
  • Can Cloak Links
  • Live-Time Tracking
  • Great User Interface
  • Split-Testing

ClickMagick Cons

  • No Live Assistance
  • No Custom-made Domain Support
  • Lack Of HTML Comprehending


ClickMagick Pricing Plans

When going through with ClickMagick, it is necessary to take a look at the rate you are going to be spending for utilizing the system.

There are three practical prepare for you to choose from.

ClickMagick Starter Plan

This plan is set at $37 each month and provides core functions and the capability to track one funnel, six months of information, and custom tracking domains. You will likewise receive 10,000 monthly clicks and four-hour help.

ClickMagick Standard Plan

This plan is set at $77 per month and offers core functions with the ability to track 5 funnels. You likewise receive base-level experts academy access, 12 months of data retention, an hour of assistance, 100,000 clicks each month, and 10 tracking domains.

ClickMagick has 3 various strategies offered. Each has a two-week complimentary trial.

ClickMagick Pro Plan

This is the best plan and is set at $197 per month. It uses all core functions, detailed funnel tracking, 24 months of data retention, advanced-level experts academy access, unlimited customized domains, an hour of assistance, and 1,000,000 clicks monthly.

ClickMagick pricing chart with features


Final Thoughts

Tracking links is a should and it is a big part of running an online service in this day and age. It is the best way to differentiate between what is working and what is not as quickly as possible. All it takes is a solid system to piece through this information and get things right.

You will always desire to remain on top of things when it comes to going through these information. This includes what is converting, where the leads are originating from, and how to maximize your setup over the long haul.

You don’t want to wind up handling phony traffic as it will destroy your conversion information. This includes your ROI and split testing info. This is why link tracking is a massive plus point and a great way to stop throwing money on bot clicks.

ClickMagick is a terrific way to develop stronger tasks that will assist you build a stronger service in the long term.

ClickMagick is and is the genuine deal among the best options to consider for link tracking on the free market. Can You Add ClickMagic Tracking Code In WordPress?


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