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Logo We are an organization dedicated to producing the highest quality components through stringent design, development, and production techniques. This equates to a high quality product that performs in the most demanding applications. 



Custom Components


Magnetic Components

Magnetic Components

Logo Among the many types of magnetic components that Polara has designed and delivered to commercial, industrial, and military customers: IF/RF inductors, filtering inductors, isolation transformers, pulse transformers, filters, air coils and self-supported coils.

Special Components

Logo Because of our sophisticated engineering design capabilities, Polara is frequently called upon to develop and design special components for difficult industrial, computer, medical, aerospace, and military applications. Among these are various low to medium power LC devices, including filters, inductors, and transformers in special packaging configurations to fit compact requirements in missiles, rockets, space vehicles, ground vehicles, and portable and transportable equipment.  

Logo Polara has also provided specially designed electromagnetic components for computers, large and small, as well as a range of communications equipment and systems.  

Logo As a consequence, Polara is prepared to undertake projects requiring even some basic research, in addition to creative design and development requirements, and to meet even the most stringent specifications and standards.

Logo The following list of products are a few of the many such components Polara has designed and built to meet demanding requirements:

  • FLIR Delay Line

  • RF Transmission Line Coupler

  • Band-pass Filter

  • Low-pass Filter

  • Pulse Transformer Array

  • SMT Pulse Transformer

  • Video Delay Line

  • Welding Pulse Transformer

  • Programmable Delay Line

Custom Components

Logo Our custom component experience is a catch all for any type of product our customers might need that fits within our capabilities. Polara has been called upon to produce unique models that utilize many different types of electromagnetic devices. These have included communication coupling transformers, high frequency multi-channel oscillators, and many other unique products. If you have a unique requirement and have had a difficult time finding a source, we would welcome the opportunity to evaluate your requirements.

Logo Here are some samples of typical custom magnetic components that we have manufactured:

Logo Microminiature Air-Core Inductors

  • Inductance Range: 2nH - 1uH
  • Operating Temperature: -65C to 130C
  • Materials: JW 1177/9B wire, Class 130, Type SUN
  • Leads: Surface mount (shown) or radials, tinned tow place
  • Inside diameter: .020 and larger
  • Wire sizes: AWG 24 to 40
  • Coil length: .015 and large

Logo Miniature Pulse Transformers

  • Inductance (primary): 500uH (min)
  • Turns ratio (primary to secondary): 1CT: 2CT
  • Winding capacitance (primary to secondary): 10pF (max)
  • Freq response at 3dB: 20kHz - 10MHz
  • Core material: Ferrite
  • Enclosure: Epoxy
  • Leads: Surface mount, tinned

Logo Small RF Toroids

  • Core sizes (O.D.): 0.050 - 0.20 inch
  • Range of inductance: 0.004 to 3.0 uH
  • Operating frequency range: 10-200 MHz
  • Q: 50 minimum
  • Core material: Carbonyl iron
  • Leads: Tinned or untinned
  • Can be supplied with taps, and in commercial or military versions